La Dolce Vita

A new week has arrived, meaning that it is time for a new blog. I think it would be great to give you some inspiration this week with regard to the theme of your wedding. As I specified in last week’s blog, we specialize in managing your dream wedding. From the bachelor party to the honeymoon, we take the helm, so that you’ll have your hands – and mind – free to enjoy the moment and each other. During the first session, we will discuss what we can do for you. Do you want us to manage your wedding from A to Z? Do you want us to only assist you on the big day as a master of ceremonies? Would you only like to receive advice or would you like us to take care of the entire styling? Everything is possible! After we have established the date and location, we will proceed to shape your perfect day. What will be the theme? Some couples have very strong ideas about that, others do not. That is why, every now and then, I will share some trendy themes with you. How about a wedding with a dash of Italian? Let me inspire you!

When I think about Italy, I think about the pleasures of life. Enjoying family, friends, each other, but mainly good food and drinks. And these Mediterranean bon vivants know how to do this like no other. This casual Italian atmosphere can be perfectly mimicked at your wedding in the Netherlands. Start the evening with an Italian appetizer, the so-called antipasti. The panne e burro and the typically Italian Prosecco should of course not be forgotten here. Then, have yourself surprised by a rich Italian buffet, concluded with the delicious home-made tiramisu. Tip: have the children garnish their own pizza during dinner, that always works great! Should you be in the vicinity of The Hague and you would like to explore the various Italian snacks available, make sure to get a table at Villa Rozenrust, my favorite Italian restaurant. The Italian theme can also be perfectly integrated into your wedding transportation. Think out of the box. Rent a Fiat 500 or a Vespa (when weather permits, of course). Looks great on photos and, let’s not forget: it’s typical Italian!


It’s advisable to keep the colors at an Italian wedding mild. Pastel shades and powder colors are perfect for this theme.


And then there’s the limoncello. This Italian liqueur is served cold as a digestive. Think about how fun it would be to give your guests a small, custom-designed bottle of limoncello to thank them for attending. It doesn’t get more unique than that!


And finally, I would like to share a sneak preview of photos in Venetian style. This amazing shoot took place at Alfred’s, a great wedding location at Alphen aan den Rijn. Extensive coverage of this shoot will be published in our new magazine ‘Moments by Wedding Wannahaves’, but since photos are inseparably linked to this Italian theme, I can’t resist sharing a couple of photos today. Check this out!

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