Your partner in glamour

 With an absolute sense of perfection and a nose for novelties, we have
 turned our passion into our profession.
 We all share the same passion, commitment and high standards of service,
 excellence and atttention to detail.
 Wheter we are designing a wedding celebration, a ladies party or a corparate event,
 we strive to create an memorable experience for you and your guests.

Our collection is just as unlimited as your imagination

Because we are Swarovski lovers, we would like to use the opportunity to spread excessive creativity on display.
We offer elegant,stylish and glamorous decorations for several occasions.
We take care of the styling of your home, your dinnerparty, your reception or wedding ceremony.


We are happy to contribute to the happiness of others

It speaks for itself that we strive to be the best at what we do.
Our clients are all over the world and our service is tailored to the individual needs.
Always positive and ready for a new challenge, we seize and create opportunities.
Big, compelling and unique, with glitter and glamour.
Looking for something special, thats what keeps us busy.

“Have no fear for perfection” Salvador Dali

With all this, we bring more to the table than just a network of vendors.
We give you collective,clever creativity backed by thoughtful logistics.
So we can guide you to that great day without a care,
 considering your needs and desires.